Some photos from our seminar

Our seminar today, on ‘Father figures: research and practice with men who care for children’, which was jointly organised by The Open University, Family Matters Institute and, was a great success. We’ll be posting a full report on all the presentations and discussions from the seminar in due course. For now, here are a few photographs from the day. Many thanks to Tanya Hames for many of these photos (the better ones!).

ff title screen




Jason Pandya Wood, chairing the seminar, introduces the opening session, led by seminar co-organisers Clare Deane and Martin Robb.



Sandy Ruxton talks about the experience of stepfathering.

ff tarrant

Anna Tarrant introduces her research on men as carers in low income families.

ff jason and speakers

Jason chairs a question-and-answer session with Sandy and Anna.

ff owen thomas

Owen Thomas talks about work with young and marginalised fathers.

FF Pete Barras

Peter Barras discusses ways of encouraging professionals to engage with fathers.

ff clare report

Clare introduces her new report, published by Family Matters Institute, on ‘The Cost of Family Breakdown’.

ff mingling

Seminar speakers and participants mingling.

ff Nikki and Alex

Seminar participants Nikki Van der Gaag and Aleks Binder.

And finally, some photos of our lively discussion groups:

ff discussion 1





ff discussion general



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